A Webpage to turn Windows 7 into a hotspot

Windows 7 has a feature which can turn it into a router which in turn means you do not need to have router at your home and can use any Windows 7 enabled Laptop or desktop as hotspot and share internet connection with rest of the computer at home.

This feature doesn’t have in-built control to enable or disable so we were doing it either manually or used few software like Virtual Router Manager but thanks to of the comments today by Bobby, now we have a  webpage, Virtual Access Point,  which can turn your Windows 7 into hotspot by running few scripts and its flawless.



Using this tool is easy, just enter the ssid and password for the virtual network and click to turn it on.Since the webpage tries to use your files on computer, you are asked to grant permission giving which you get the command prompt where you can see what is going on.



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