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Hi, This is Ashish Mohta the mind behind Technospot.net.  As a Professional Online Publisher who talks about Technology and help people understand technology, software and various aspects of Internet, Computer and Mobiles.

Ashish MohtaRight from college and before that I had seen many people not liking different aspects of computer software and also used to find difficult to use it.

This curiosity on what made people stuck resulted in this professional, easy reading and through the point collection of hand written and tested articles.

I had been doing this from since November 2006 and it has taken all over me  passion of knowledge, networking, a global identity is what bought me to write and help people.

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My Experience on Writing Articles

  • I have extensively written on Windows, Office, iPad Apps, iPad Games, BlackBerry,Windows Phone, XBox and many online tools.
  • Whatever is written by me has hands on experience and testing done to understand what the application or software can do. So the reviews which you read here helps you to know what you will get .
  • It gives me satisfaction that I was able to deliver somebody and help him.  You need to do it, involve in it to feel it.
  • Key to this  in my terms is writing what you want and express it in true terms not only in opinions. You need to give what people look for without leaving them in between.
  • Building relationship with even visitors coming from search engines and other blogs. Talk to them and do what they need.
  • Expressing is another key factor. Write well, Good and simple English.

My Work Place

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My Achievements :

  • I have been chosen as MVP by Microsoft in Windows Desktop Experience | MVP Profile
  • Hosted Community Launch Event for Windows 7 in Kolkata
  • Speaker at TechEd 2010 Banglore.

My Expertise in IT Industry:

  • One the first hand, My expertise are in areas of .Net and Microsoft Technologies.
  • I have worked on SharePoint technology, .net 2.0 and 3.5.
  • I have an experience of 3 years in an excellent and learning  job which I did quit so I can move into venture of my passion towards deeper learning and helping people to make things easy.