Hi, this is Diya Mathew. I have a background of Masters in English Literature, Copy Editing, Technical Writing, teaching, etc. I write problem-solving blogs related to technology, software, different areas of the internet, PCs, and mobile phones. I have always loved to read and write right from childhood and writing problem-solving content brings joy to me as it helps people solve issues related to PCs, software, etc. as they are very simple and easy to understand. I am also passionate about English grammar and copy editing and l am very particular about my articles being error-free.

More About Diya

I have worked as a Technical Writer where I wrote user manuals for companies for their newly developed applications. These user manuals were written in a simplified manner for people to understand quickly and not waste much time on them. So, this experience helped me write blogs for in an easier and simplified manner as people nowadays have no time and would like to get things done as quickly as possible.