Being a legitimate technical freak, Karan's enthusiasm knew no bounds. He has always been passionate about gadgets, whether it be Mac, Windows, or of any other OS. What's noteworthy is that despite completing his bachelor's in Computer Applications, Karan didn't want a 9-5 job to confine his spirits and quest. He always envisioned beyond the horizons and helped others with applications, troubleshooting, and similar.

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Further, the advent of digitization led him to choose the medium of blogs, and this spirit, despite that made him a writer. Karan always says, “a good writer always knows to convey information in the simplest, shortest, and most effective manner.” That’s how he grew into a renowned professional in the industry.

The point to help and provide value inculcated a spirit to write in him. Furthermore, his curiosity made him imbibe things off the academic backgrounds, so his knowledge isn’t limited indoors.