About Manav Mishra

Hi, I am Manav Mishra, living in Pune (India). Even though I have been a technology student and am a professional in the same field, I am keenly interested in Literature, Photography, Spiritualism, Driving, and Cooking. I seldom write couplets in Urdu. I used to read different non-technical blogs during my leisure since 2004. Once, I even started my blog, which too was a non-technical one, but I could not continue there for long.

Ashish and I have known each other for almost 23 years; we have spent 4.5 years of our life together and have seen a lot together. If I say that the way we lived was just a few steps behind  “Five Point Someone”, it would not be an exaggeration. Ashish used to persuade me to do tech blogging, but slowly the time came when I, too, became a Victim of this Blogging Bug; I wanted to write now.

So, I am here to write articles about things that are somehow related to computers, the internet (and, at times, maybe, to blogging as well). I want to make an identity for myself, I am not a Geek, but I think I can produce some writings which might be helpful for people interested in technology.

I would appreciate the views from readers about the quality of my posts, what they want to read about, and any suggestions.