As a computer science engineering student from Chennai, India, Yash has a deep passion for both technology and finance. He has been a long-time Windows fan since childhood, and started writing about technology at a young age, helping classmates and friends resolve technical issues.

More About Yash

Yash’s goal is to make technical concepts easy to understand for everyone. He has honed his writing skills to simplify and clarify technology for his readers. With a background in computer science and certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist, Yash is well-equipped to provide expert commentary on the latest developments in technology, particularly in the field of smartphones. He is self-taught and eager to share his knowledge through tutorials and articles.

Aside from his love for technology, Yash is also an avid traveler who values the experiences and memories gained from exploring new places and cultures. When he’s not writing or studying, you can find him out in nature, going on exciting hikes and treks.