Access Google Translate via Desktop Application

Almost all of us are familiar with the Google Translate, an online tool for translation. Here we are going to talk about an AIR Application, AIR Translate which works as a Translator, and it fetches and provides you the translations from the Google Translate.

If you already have the Adobe AIR installed on your system, you just need to download the setup file which is lesser than 1mb, once downloaded and installed, launch it, has a very simple interface, have a look at the animation below.

Looks like AIR Translate is not working for URL links, I hope it soon comes with the webpage translation facility too, a feature which can output a URL for the input URL, where the output URL redirects you to translated version of the same page, would be great.

AIR Translate is a cool idea, accessing an online tool via a desktop agent is a great functionality, if you are much into translations on regular basis, this is for you.

Download AIR Translate



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