Add a grain effect to your photos, like grains in old analog photos

There are so many ways to add some special effects to your photos; probably all of us enjoy playing around with photos.

We have featured several tools, using which you can enjoy adding effects to your photos, here is another tool, named as Film Grain, this standalone app can be used to add grain effect to your photos (remember those grains on the analog photos).

Film Grain is very easy to use, simply run the exe file downloaded for Film Grain and later, click on the ‘Load’ button, and open the photo you want to add grain effect to.

Add grain Effect to Photos to make them look like old Analog Photos

Here you get two choices, either you can add grains to the photos directly or you can use the ‘Film Grain BW’ button to add grains to the Black and White version of same photo. Once done with this you can use the Copy to Clipboard option, later paste it in new paint file or any other image editing tool to save the new photo.

As soon as you click any one of the button to add grains to your photo, you get an option to select the value using the slider, higher the value, more grains you get on the output photo.

You can download the Film Grain here.  | There is also an online tool to make your photos look old, but Film Grain has more options.  Related – How to Add Glamor to your Photos


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