Add color to tabs in Firefox with Colorful Tabs

ColorfulTabs is an Firefox add-on using which, you can open every new tab in new color, that means, a different color for every new tab you add to your Firefox window.

Colourful Tabs in Firefox

This simple add-on can be used for spicing up your Firefox, so that it can provide a better management of the open tabs.Right click on any tab to access the settings for ColorfulTabs, as shown here.

Colour Tabs options
Colour Tabs options

Going to the ‘Options’ allows you to personalize the ColorfulTabs, as per your taste, there are several general settings like the fade level, choosing the background image for the tab bar, choosing the color schemes etc., there are also some advanced options through which you can set the Saturation and Luminance, for this add-on.  Try ColorfulTabs


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