Add funny effects, frames and much more to your photos: LoonaPix

We have been talking about several services to have fun with your photos, and here comes another entrant in this section, LoonaPix.

LoonaPix is damn easy to use, and requires no registration.

The effects which can be added to your photos using LoonaPix has been categorized in 4 categories –

LoonaPic Effect – Adding your photos to different objects and locations, reminds me of Photofunia, DeeFunia etc. Simply browse to choose a photo, choose a effect and move on, shown below is an example, have a look.

Face Effect – Choose a photo, and finally zoom-in, zoom-out, rotate, flip etc. to suit the body of a celebrity model etc. Some edit options work only in IE, so try doing this in IE to get the best results.

Photo Frames – Add frames to your photos to make them look more beautiful.

Photo Trim – Trim your photos in different shapes, like heard, cloud etc. Simply browse to choose a photo and later, make it fit the trim effect, and save. Have a look at snapshot below.

Above snapshot shows the Photo Trim done on the photo, also it shows the several sharing options available to share this photo, like sharing on social networking sites, using the embed code, via email etc.

You can get all the sharing options irrespective of what kind of effect category you chose to create a new photo.

Try LoonaPix and share your views about it with us, hope you like it.


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