Tools to Add GPS data to Photos / Images

Adding Location details (Geographic coordinates ) to photographs is useful when you take pictures while traveling.  That helps you in pin pointing you exact location when you look back after sometime. There are many Cameras which come with GPS tracking inbuilt but they are very expensive. Moreover if you do have a GPS device separately need of buying a GPS enabled camera reduces but then again how do you add location details to it ?

Using Picasa and Google Earth

Picasa when combined Google Maps can be used as a powerful tool to add GPS data to picture.Install both of them and follow the steps below :

  • First you need to import a picture to Picasa.
  • Next is select the pic and click on Geo tag image which is right at the bottom.
  • This launches the Google  earth application which opens a small control pane and a cross hair tagger on Google Earth which can be used to mark any plane.
  • Locate the place by using the search box on Google Earth and click on the cross hair tagger.
  • This will add the GPS data or the Latitude, Longitude and Altitude details to the image exif data.
Geo tagging Jaipur Airport

Geo tagging Jaipur Airport

Picasa Google Earth GPS Details

Picasa Google Earth GPS Details

The only drawback of this procedure is you don’t add the data as it happens so accuracy is little off but good enough if you properly zoom in Google Earth and get closer to locations you were.


Any GPS device comes with feature that it can create a track log for you. This enables you to at least know where you have been when and Cameras can store Date and Time with any pictures. Taking these two parts together, GPS to JPEG software allows you to add GPS details i.e. Latitude, Longitude and Altitude to any image you have taken while traveling.The only hard work you have to do is Map it with the Image.

Adding GPS Details to Image

Adding GPS Details to Image

You can add any number of images or an image folder itself and then add tracklogs to map with it. As soon as you map with it you would see the Latitude, Longitude  and Altitude added to the EXIF data. You can also correct the date time by adjusting the zone you are in or erase it completely to start from scratch. Download GPS to Jpeg

GPic Sync :

GPicSync is useful if you have GPS Track Log which is recorded when you are in motion but is not inserted in your  photograph at that time. For example you taking snapshot in the car while car has inbuilt gps recording in the background. Read more on how to use it here.

Geo tag your pictures

GeoSetter : Change location / GPS data in images

This is an advance tool which uses Google Maps and OpenMaps to add or change location data of your image. It can even use the GPS  files and import to create a sequence of image accordingly.

GeoSetter Location Data

Read more on how to use it.

There should be more software around which can do this and I will be updating this as I find them. If you are using any of them, let us know in comments.