Best Tools to Add Mirror Effect to Your Photos

The mirror effect helps to create virtually opposite images. This effect enhances the image’s visual appeal and makes it more attractive. Moreover, it also represents symmetry and balance in unexpected compositions. In short, the mirror effect adds an aesthetic and artistic touch to an image. The most common application of this effect is mirroring landscape images and selfies.

Considering its popularity, almost every photo editors feature the mirror effect. Thus, with so many options, finding the best one becomes tedious. So, to help you out, we have handpicked the top 3 online tools to help you add the mirror effect to your photos.

Best Tools to Add Mirror Effect to Your Photos

Best Tools to Add Mirror Effect to Your Photos

  1. Canva
  2. Adobe Express
  3. BeFunky

Make sure to try each of them

1] Canva

Canva is a well-known online graphic design tool that allows you to create and edit visual content. Thus, you can edit images and add unique effects to them. One of the features that Canva offers is the mirror effect. While editing a picture, you can access this feature by clicking the flip option.

Flip Image in Canva


  • You can switch from flipping horizontally or vertically to create a symmetrical and balanced composition
  • The user-friendly interface allows you to add the mirror effect easily
  • You can also use its wide range of editing tools and other effects
  • For a cleaner image, you can use the background remover effect


  • Fast and simple interface
  • Ad-free experience
  • Multiple effects
  • It has both premium and free platforms


  • Low-quality output in the free version
  • Requires a good internet connection

Check out the tool here

2] Adobe Express

Adobe Express allows you to edit and retouch your photos easily. One of its most used features is the mirror effect. It flips your image vertically or horizontally to create compelling and visually compelling images. You can apply the effect by tapping the mirror effect under the effects tab.

Adobe Express Flip


  • You can mirror your image horizontally, vertically, or both simultaneously
  • You can also adjust the intensity of the effect
  • Adobe Express allows you to adjust the image’s exposure, contrast, saturation, etc
  • It features several attractive effects like frames, filters, and borders
  • After editing the image, You can share it directly on social media platforms or via email
  • You can also access your Lightroom or Photoshop images from your Adobe Creative Cloud account


  • Adobe Creative Cloud integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Variety of effects


  • Watermark in the free version
  • No raw file support
  • Limited editing options

Check out the tool here

3] BeFunky

BeFunky is a web-based photo editing tool. You can enhance and edit your images professionally without downloading any software. One of its key features is the mirror effect. It gives a unique and appealing touch to your image by creating symmetry. Even if you are a beginner at editing, you can easily add the mirror effect to your image with the help of BeFunky.

BeFunky Flip Images


  • You can adjust all essential parameters of an image, like brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.
  • With its built-in collage maker, you can add multiple images in one frame
  • It allows you to resize and crop the images to fit your requirements
  • The mirror effect feature enables you to create and adjust the symmetry as per your requirement
  • With its AI In image enhancer, you can upscale the image quality


  • Easy to use
  • A vast catalog of effects and filters
  • Multiple stickers and icons


  • Watermark in the free version
  • Complicated interface

Check out the tool here

Tips For Getting The Best Mirror Effect

We recommend you follow these few tips to get the best mirror effect on your image.

Explore mirror effects

When editing an image, the mirror effect is one of the best tools to make the image more attractive. However, there are several ways to apply the mirror effect. Thus, we recommend experimenting and tweaking settings to get the best mirror effect output. You can adjust the mirroring angle and flip the image horizontally or vertically. Moreover, you can enhance the final output with a few overlays or filters.

Use High-Quality image 

Choosing a high-quality or clear picture is one of the most critical aspects of editing or applying any effect to an image. Simply put, a high-quality image generates a better mirror effect.

But how? A high-quality image has better resolution, clarity, and proper lighting. These factors enhance the image’s detailing and overall look. If you choose a poor-quality image with poor lighting, the final output will mirror these issues, making the mirrored image unappealing and dull.

Multiple Mirror Effects

You can add a unique and attractive touch to your image by adding multiple mirror effects. Different combinations of the mirror effect can create a visually striking image. You can do this by either layering multiple mirror effects or adjusting the effect’s opacity. Further, blending the various effects gives depth and dimensions to your image, making it an artistic image.


All the tools above are free to use and offer several distinctive features. Moreover, you won’t have to download bulky software to use the mirror features. What could be better than that? As discussed above, you must choose a high-quality image and experiment with the mirror effect’s settings to get the best output.

If you want an online photo editing tool with full features and the best download quality, go for Befunky. Or, if you use Photoshop or Lightroom, Adobe Express will be the best for you because of its Adobe Creative Cloud integration. That said, comment below your favorite tool among all these.


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