Add more locations to the ‘Send to’ menu of Windows 10

There comes a time in everybody’s life, when we want to organize the files scattered here and there on our system, and relocate them to the relevant folders. Especially the people who are much into downloading several types have to face this pretty often. Now, this process of organizing the files in the respective folder could be a real pain. You need to copy or move files in multiple locations. Click the data to select. Then ‘Cut’ or ‘Copy’ and finally pasting them to a specific folder is quite a time taking process. Here is a way which can ease this process by allowing you to add more locations under the ‘Send to’ menu of your Windows 10.

Add more locations to the ‘Send to’ menu of Windows 10

We all are aware of the ‘Send to’ menu, which can be accessed by right-clicking on a file or a folder. ‘Send to’ comes with several locations preloaded, as shown in the snapshot below –

Send to menu in Windows more productive customize

Let us first understand how is this small utility named as ‘Sendtosendto’ can be useful for you. The scenario about which I talked in the previous section, i.e., organizing the files by relocating them to different folders, can be a tedious job. Let’s say there are three folders in which we want to send the data from our folder named as ‘Downloads.’ Now ‘Downloads’ has some files which are to be kept in say ‘Folder 1’, a couple of them should be in ‘Folder 2’ and so on.

Suppose if, by some means, we can add the ‘Folder1’ in the list of ‘Send to’ menu as shown above, wouldn’t it be easy enough to select the files in ‘Downloads’ folder and then we can use the ‘Send to’ to copy the files to ‘Folder1’? That is what this little utility does.

How to use Sendtosendto?

Download the setup file, run the executable file to install Sendtosendto on your system. Whenever you make a right-click on a Folder, and take your mouse cursor on the ‘Send to’ option. You will see an ‘Add here’ option. Click on it, and add the folder to the ‘Send to’ menu. Now you can easily copy (just like the ‘Send to’ option, this too copies the file, and doesn’t move the file) the file to this folder only by using a right-click.

Customize Send to menu of Windows

As shown in the snapshot above, we are adding the folder named ‘Chrome Games’ to the ‘Send to’ menu. There is another folder named as ‘Mem Crd’. Let us have a look at the scenario when we right-click on the ‘Mem Crd’ folder.

Add more locations to Send to menu in windows

Now, we can easily copy any file or folder to the ‘Chrome Games’ folder directly; this simplifies the process.

In Windows, there is already a way to enhance this list of locations available under the ‘Send to’ menu using the ‘Shift’ key (read this post for better understanding). Also, we have covered specific other tools and methodologies:

  • Sendto Toys: An enhanced software on the same lines as that of Sendtosendo.
  • The manual method of adding more locations to the ‘Send to’ option.

Some people want the ‘Send to’ option to act differently. Instead of copying, people wish to the ‘Send to’ to move the files to a specific location. If you, too, think the same, here is a hack to get the move functionality instead of just copying.

So, go ahead and try any of these methods or apps, and do share your views with us.

Download Sendtosendto


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