Add Print to PDF in Google Reader using Save Page as PDF

In our site we have a print to PDF option right under every post. We utilize Save Page as PDF or Web to PDF utility of PDF Online to do this. It basically takes the URL and prints it as PDF. For cleaner printing we had even mixed it with the print plugin  which gives cleaner output i.e. Uses only post data).

Now in the previous post where we mentioned about adding twitter to Google reader, there is another option where you can add your custom URL  which is availble right below . Lets take a look at it again :

So if you see It needs a URL which can be called and there are some variables like ${ URL } etc which can be sent to that url as parameter.

Now lets us see how print to PDF url looks like :

  • Of which section after = , and marked in red above,  is the url which you want to print.

Now you go to your Google Reader and add the way I have show below :

Just add #{URL} after = and Google reader will make sure to add that and save.  Like I said make sure your popups are working file else you wont see them.

Since this was availble in my site I was able to do it quickly , How about you ? Do you see any usage apart from this ? Share with us.


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