Add shared items of Google reader to web clip in Gmail

Web clips in gmail allows you to add a valid feed by searching.Its mostly used to read headlines.Since it does not support to add any OMPL file, its one of the most unwanted features in gmail. However there is one way you can utilize it.

Google Reader allows you to share feed items I.e posts which can be accessed through your public profile, which can be added to web clips, which act as a notification.The only and most important advantage I see here is if any body shares a good news, it will be available in your Web clips.

Here are the steps :

  1. If you are already sharing your fav feeds then you need to get the public profile URL. Mine is . Just login to your Google Feed Reader and Click on Shared Items on the top left. You will get this kind of link.
  2. Now login to your gmail account.
  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Web Clips tab.
  3. Now copy your public URL ( as shown above) in the text box and search
  4. This should be able to find this particular URL , now just add it to Web clip.
  • Get back to your gmail inbox and now you should be able to see the latest shared items.
  • You can even ask your friend’s URL and add it.
  • This might not be that handy but I think it can be pretty useful to get to know what people are reading and if some good news is shared your update is just a clip away.

    Do you any more ideas how you can make Web Clips useful ? Share with us in comments and we will get back to you.


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