Add SMS voting / poll in Power point Slides

Taking votes even for something in between and getting results before you end a slide is pretty tricky unless you have properly planned. For many of us who don’t have corporate advantage of getting these numbers do have an option to use a service like Text2Vote by Sendsteps which :

  • Allows you to create polls dynamically.
  • Dynamically Update poll results
  • Poll starts automatically as soon as you start slide show.
  • Displays clear message, a template, for voters so they vote in the right way.
Add sms voting system to Power point slide show
Add sms voting system to Power point slide show

The service is not free but you can test out a trial to test.  What prompted me writing on this service was integration with Slideshow and updation which happens behind the scenes. You need not to worry about anything , not even wirting instructions. I would say worth paying it unless you have a different corporate solution availble. Give Text2SMS try


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