Add Free Spell Checker to Wordpad Notepad or Anything You Can Type On

Wordpad and Notepad are two Windows editors that come without any spell checker. Till now, no application has ever been attempted to add one to them. These two editors might not be very popular, but they are handy when you need a quick copy-paste without opening any other heavy application.

So the point is, How do I add a spell checker? There is no magic but a small but handy software called Tiny Spell, which integrates spell checking into virtually any word processor. It works in Windows 10 and the latest Windows 11. Let’s figure out how to add a free Spell checker to Wordpad Notepad.

Add Free Spell Checker to Wordpad or Notepad

Add Free Spell Checker to Wordpad Notepad or Anything You Can Type On

It does a spell check anywhere you can type on your computer.

  • Wordpad and Notepad
  • Paint or Photoshop Application
  • When you save a file with a new name
  • Check spell when you chat
  • Even when I am typing here.

Once you install it, it will sit in the system tray and monitor. There are two ways it can check spelling mistakes for you, acting as spell check in WordPad and spell check in Notepad.

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Spell checker in Notepad

1] Notification in the system tray

While you are typing, tinySpell watches the text you enter, and whenever it detects a misspelled word, it beeps and shows a spelling tip, and the tinySpell taskbar icon turns from white to yellow.

2] Clipboard Monitoring

When you copy text to the clipboard, tinySpell checks its spelling immediately. If it finds at least one misspelled word in the text, it beeps and turns its icon to yellow.

How does it correct spelling?

When a misspelled word is detected, click the tinySpell taskbar icon or press the hotkey to pop up a list of suggested replacement words. You can select a correction from the list if the misspelled word is detected during on-the-fly checking or after a word is copied to the clipboard. The selected word is inserted into your document or copied to the clipboard (so you can paste it into it) or both (depending on your settings).

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Features of TinySpell

  • Checks spelling in any Windows application, on-the-fly, or ext that is copied to the clipboard, i.e., Wordpad spell check and Notepad spell check.
  • Specify applications for which tinySpell is disabled or enabled.
  • Add words to the dictionary.
  • Beeps on error.
  • Displays a spelling tip.
  • It Opens a replacements list with a simple mouse click or a hotkey.
  • You can copy the selected replacement word to the clipboard.
  • Optionally insert the selected replacement word into the document.

Download from the Official Website.


In this article, we learned how to add a free spell checker to Notepad, Wordpad, or anything you can type in Windows. Being precise in your spelling is crucial in work and personal environments, as the smallest misspelling can completely alter the meaning you’re trying to convey. We hope you found the article to be helpful.


  1. Just have to say I love this small utility. Another tool to reduce the misspelling is TypingAssistant.

  2. And Excellent little program; once you’ve learnt how it works(which is very easy). Just right click the icon in the system tray and select “open spelling window” and it shows the correct word as you type. It’s great!! It’s definitely one to tell your friends about.
    Thanks Very Much

  3. Glad to find one for Windows. My Mac at work has spell-check built into Text Edit. Sometimes little things DO make a difference.

  4. Its already there and does not depend on Windows 8. On Notepad++, Go to Plugins > Spell Checker > How to use. It will direct you on installing GNUS Aspell which will solve your problem.

  5. Hi,

    Is there a program that can be used to copy MS Word to Notepad/Notepad++?

    At my job I have to do a lot of technical writing where I have to work in word because it has the option for adding short cuts to words so if I type ITAA it types out IT Administrator. The problem is that the software we have “upgraded” to has a problem with the formatting from MS Word. I have disabled and stripped all formatting from word documents, but nothing works.

    The only thing that works is to copy the entire document into Text Pad, then copy that again into the publisher, very time consuming.

    Anyone has a solution that would be awesome!

  6. Good grief. I read thru thhe entire list of comments, yet nowhere did I find insrructionns on how to add spell check to Word Pad. What a waste.

  7. TinySpell installs itself in the taskbar notification area for easy access.

    While you are typing, tinySpell watches the text you enter and whenever it detects a misspelled word it beeps and shows a spelling tip. Also the tinySpell taskbar icon turns from white to yellow.


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