Add text to your images

Roflbot is an online tool, which allows you to add text to your images, let them be a watermark, a slogan, a message or whatever, you can do it using roflbot very easily.

add custom text to your images with roflbot
Add text to pictures

As shown here, you can choose to upload an image the way you want, from your HDD or other storage device, from the web, etc. you can also try using the ‘random picture’ thing if you just want to test it, and yes, if you don’t want any watermark on your image, you can try the ‘Want no Watermark? Use….”.

Let us have a look at its working by using a ‘random picture’.

workig with roflbot to add text to your images
Techhie Cats

So, as the snapshot above shows, it a simple process, choose the font for your text, write the text and click the ‘Add text’ button, don’t worry about the  size and location of this text, for that there is a button as shown.

This relocating and resizing feature after entering the text, is definitely awesome, this gives a + point to roflbot, for choosing it as your online tool for adding text to images, well there is another + point for the name too…ROFL and Bots are the two very common terms of internet jargon, so easy to remember as well.

Try it out, and tell us if you like it as we did.

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