Add a Video to your Live messenger display picture

Windows Live Messenger allows you to add a 4 second Video to your display picture. Yes you heard it right. This feature is available from some time but seems to be not much noticed. In Windows Live Messenger Go to Tools  > Select a Display Picture and then opt for Web Cam Picture.

Creating video and dynamic picture for live messenger

When you click on Webcam pictures it will open use your web cam and let you create a small video which can be used as display picture for your live messenger account.

Apart from this you can also add a dynamic picture meaning record a small video and add small stuff like a guitar, background glitter etc.

I haven’t tried but may be we can use a gif file also. You can even createing a GIF file from your existing video and then use it for dynamic picture.

Why do this ? If you use messenger you need to make it more lively when the options are available. Who likes the static images put a video or an animation, its all about personalizing ain’t it.


  1. I’m using the 4 second video that I took on my webcam there.
    But where is the video and pictures I took in Windows Live on my PC..
    Like, where are the files for me to upload somewhere else?


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