Add virtual recycle bin to Flash / USB drives

I remember my friend Kushal asking me why do files get deleted permanently from USB drives even if you dont do a shift + delete, the answer was simple there was no recycle bin associated with floating or plug play devices.  Well those were college days and we did not have time to find solution for this but One Tip a day has given one good solution called as iBin.

This application indexes your files inside the device and tracks if you delete any of the files. When you delete it places them directly into another folder which acts as recycle bin for your USB drive.  So when you start using it get your drive indexed first to take advantage of the virtual recycle bin.

iBin configuration
iBin configuration

Features :

  • Portable and runs only when you keep this file in the USB drive.
  • Creates a seperate directory called as iBin where all deleted files are kept.
  • Can intercept Windows delete action.
  • You will need to use WIN + Del so that iBin can track what you are deleting.
  • You can undo any delete action.
  • Excellent configuration and dumb management screen which lets users make appropriate choice on how they would like to get their files managed.
  • The manual for iBin is impressive. I would strongly suggest you to have a look ad read it before you start using it.
iBin dump management
iBin dump management

Download iBin via One Tip A Day

via One Tip A Day]


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