Add waves effects and lake reflections to your Photos

Adding effects to photos is one of the most entertaining and cool way to show off your geeky attitude.  Thanks to this friend of mine, Ambarish, downloading and exploiting software is his religion, got this tool Reflet from him.

Reflet allows you to add effects in your photos as if you are standing by the side of some lake, movement and pattern in waves and reflections caused in them can be customized as per your liking. Just download and extract and run the .exe file , and enjoy the reflection of water even in the deserts, lol.

Interface is simple enough, Open a file, Choose the number of images you want to keep in your output file, Set the height of reflection (choosing a height less than 100%, will give better results to make it look more natural), Now under the options tab choose Speed and Type of waves, choose the type of reflection Regular or Perspective, and now hit the enter button to get the reflection, Save as whatever file type you wish to, later a HTML code can also be generated, if you choose to save as a gif file.

Here is a small video, which demonstrates, How to use Reflet to get the wave and reflection effects in your photos.

What do I like about Reflet

  • Simple interface, with simple options, which help a lot in getting the kind of animation you like.
  • The animation provided is pretty unique, which preserves the originality of photo as well.
  • Reflet is light weight, no installations just an executable file.

What I don’t like about Reflet

  • As the animation is added below the original photo, this enormously increases the height of photo, it would have been great, if there was an option to resize the image and choose its dimensions via some presets.
  • Saving the file as bmp and jpg sequences, asks the location where the files are to be saved, but even after you choose a different location other than that of the original photo, it still saves it in the same location as that of original one.

Try Reflet and share your views with us, it would be great if you can share some more animations or photo editing tools with us via the comments.

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