Add your picture to almost anything : DeeFunia

We have posted about Photofunia and Magmypic kind of services, which allow you to place your Photos on celebrity T-shirts, on magazine covers etc.

I lately came across another service of same kind, which can be used to place your pictures on several things and places etc.

This service is DeeFunia, here you can get several templates (3 such pages with several templates can be found), choose one for your photo, and later you will be asked to browse and upload a photo. Some templates show a small sign like this, deefunia-passport-size-indication ,  which indicates that passport size photo will suit the template better.

Templates include car, cups, movies etc

Once done with this, you come across another page, which shows you a preview of new photo and some other options, like, Save to disk, Save as avatar, Preview, Print etc.


Here are some photos I created using DeeFunia, have a look.

Add your picture to movies
Add your picture to another pictures

So, try DeeFunia, and enjoy!!! Try DeeFunia


  1. Great site, I would like to add on about deefunia. They even have a widget ( to let us put on our blog to create photo from our website/ blog now. Easily get their newly updated photo template and also can create your photo from your site now.

  2. There’s another similar site which I came across. It’s called with more than 300 photo effects, you can try it too. Great site to both funphotobox and photofacefun.


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