Add your picture to Celebrity T-Shirts, Billboards, Mona Lisa, and More

If you always wanted to add your picture to Celebrity Tshirts, Billboards, Mona Lisa, and More, this post will help you find the best tools.

Everyone has their fantasies. We watch our favorite celebrities every day in movies, on billboards in our cities, in advertisements on our television. We are all surrounded by them, and who doesn’t want to be like them or want to have some fun that can bring joy to our lives.

Social media is the biggest platform where we interact with celebs. At the same time, these fantasies of yours can have some sense of realism and belongingness if you read this article. It may help you to at least give a good laugh out of it.

Add Your Picture To Celebrity T-shirts

How does it work?

So, what do you want to be today? Spider-man, Captain jack sparrow, and if you don’t, do you want to be on Billie Eilish’s T-shirt that she wore during her previous concert? Or do you want to be on the famous painting of the Mona Lisa?

Well, whatever you ask for, it is all very possible. Here, in this article, we will discuss such apps and websites that will help you add your picture to any celebrity t-shirt or billboards or if you want to be an astronaut in the ocean or pilot. Numerous apps allow doing so. We are going to include the best apps and websites that provide these services.

Most of the websites and apps have several presets or effects. You have to choose the desired preset or effect and then upload your picture, and it will process it for a few seconds. Then, you are good to go. Isn’t it the easiest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Apps And Websites To Add your picture to Celebrity T-Shirts, Billboards, Mona Lisa, and More

Here are some apps and websites that provide you with the superpower to change your face, put your face on billboards, and what not:

  4. Photo on a T-shirt app
  5. Celebrity Face Morph app

Make sure to check out each of them,  and then decide.

1] is one of the best websites to edit your photos with photomontages, photo frames of birthday and love cards, and numerous other funny frames and presets. Photomontages are one of the best features that this website offers. There are a wide variety of photomontages where you can put any picture of your liking. All the presets are accessible for free.

Add your picture to Celebrity T-Shirts, Billboards, Mona Lisa, and More

There are hundreds of frames of famous monuments and landscapes where you can put your pictures in the background to have some fun and make your friends and family laugh aloud.

One more awe-inspiring feature of photo funny is its collage option. You can customize and add various collages with your memories and pictures so that they will all be in a single place. Again, all the frames and presets are accessible for free. It also has a photo editor to edit all your photos to your preferred style and look. Stickers are also available on this website.


This website does exactly as its name suggests. This is one of the best websites on which you can do face swapping. This app has preloaded celebrity photos that you can swap with yours or vice-versa.

Add your picture to Celebrity T-Shirts, Billboards, Mona Lisa, and More

Face swapping is a very goofy and fun activity to do if you want to make someone laugh.

It has advanced editing tools, which you can choose to enhance the skin color to match the celebrity. It also has a custom mask overlay, which is even more fun because you can swap only the selected facial items like nose or eyes. You can make unlimited combinations out of it. It doesn’t require any Photoshop skills as it is very elementary to use.

3] is an online photo editor that has tons of humorous photo frames, effects, photomontages. The best thing about this website is that it adds new effects and frames daily according to the trend going on at the time. So you won’t miss out on any trend. You can sort the photo effects and images by date on their official website, which is very easy to use.

You can be very creative with your photos as it provides numerous customization options which are very simple to use and doesn’t require any extra skill or knowledge. Picjoke doesn’t require any registration to use this website, and it is free. They’ve been very consistent with their uploads, as they had uploaded a new frame every day since the website started.

You can make cool collages of your child, parents, friends, even boss and tell them how special they are to you. You can share these images in your blog or any social media handle too.

4]  Photo On A T-shirt App

As the name suggests quite clearly, this app mainly focuses on effects that can put your photo on someone else’s t-shirt. As I mentioned earlier, remember that you could put your photo on Billie Eilish’s t-shirt that she wore at her latest concert. Yeah, you can put your face on it by using this app right here.

It is a straightforward app to use, you have to choose from an already existing frame and upload your picture, and it will be done.

Download from PlayStore

5] Celebrity Face Morph App

This is an amusing app to use. You can morph any celebrity face and put your face on it. You can see how well you look on a celeb’s body. It works automatically, and you don’t have to learn any different other photoshop skills.

You have to take a selfie from your camera and select the celebrity frame, and that’s just it. You can have all the laugh and fun later. Morphing into a celebrity through an app is entertaining, and you can send these to your friends and family to make them laugh too.

Download from PlayStore

Is It Safe To Share Images With Face-changing Apps And Tools?

Sometimes, these types of images create some debate in very extreme and rare cases. But for an ordinary person, it is entirely safe. There is not a single issue in doing so. You can create as many photos using this type of website as long as you know your boundaries.

Can I Share My Picture On Billboards, Celebrity T-shirts, Or Mona Lisa On Social Media?

Yes, you can share these photos on social media. Mainly, people use these websites to create pictures to serve only the sole purpose of sharing on social media. It is entirely safe and legal to share these pictures on social media. It has so much of a meme potential.

How To Download These Pictures?

You can easily download these pictures. It depends on the website or app you’re using. After processing the images, the app or website will automatically give you an option to download the pictures.

Finally, it would help if you had got a basic idea of how this app works and its purpose. It is a fun activity to show love and gratitude to others or do it for self-amusement. We can share these pictures on social media to make others laugh.

But you must know, it is all fun and games until it is within limits. It would help if you didn’t try to make fun of anyone without their consent. Morphing yourself on a celebrity is wholly safe and ok. But using morphing apps to create obscene images is not good. It is an act of crime. I hope you understand. Have fun with all these websites and apps and make the world a happier place.


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