Add your picture to Celebrity Tshirts, Billboards, Mona Lisa and More

Who do you want to be today ? Superman, Santa, Pirates of Carribean, or for that matter where do you want to see your photo, on Angelina Jolie’s T-shirt, on some billboard, or you want to become an astronaut, pilot, lol, lot can be asked and here is this service Photofunia, which allows you to exactly do all those.

Have your photos on 70 different presets (Photofunia refers these presets as, effects), like billboard, wall painting, Frame with broken glass which you can save and print it. Here is one example of it 

Manav's Fan
Manav's Fan

All you have to do is choose an effect, and then select a photo to upload, and soon the new photo will appear in front of you. You can now download this new photo, an option to download the photo as avatar is also there to get an optimized photo which can be used as avatar.

Photofunia Effects
Photofunia Effects

My Experience with Photofunia

  • Very easy to use.
  • Processing is very fast.
  • The effects with small smiley icon on the bottom left of the thumbnails,use face detection technology while morphing your photo.
  • Their face detection works great, which is definitely appreciable, as most of such online tools I have come across till now. It needs a good logic and hard work by the user to get your photo, to set properly in the presets.
  • Most of the effects produce the output images without any watermarks on them, which makes them look so real.
  • Effects have been designed in a manner that just looking on the output image, it’s tough to make out that it is some kind of morphing i.e If you use the one with slanting images you would see how perfect they make it. Check the picture in CD cover of the pic below.
Ashish's Album HUH!!
Ashish's Album HUH!!

Earlier I wrote a post on Magmypic, a service to fake magazine covers with your photo, so that you can have your photo on different world class magazines but this takes you one step ahead.  Try Photofunia and become whatever you want to be &  Don’t forget to share your experience with Photofunia with us in comments.



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    what a spectacular they are! thank u sooooooooooo much! I made a lot of wonderful billboard with them..! 😀 thank u again. I enjoiyed

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