Adobe’s Photo UpLoader for Facebook is awesome

Adobe has rolled out an AIR application, Photo Uploader for Facebook but before I start talking about it I would say its more then just a photo uploader. This is what it can do for you :

  • Update your facebook status.
  • View your Facebook timeline i.e your friends updates.
  • Use the chat application right from the desktop.
  • View friends profile and you can ignore them right from here.
  • Explore Events, Groups, Pages and  Albums like you do it from Online version of facebook.
  • And last the obvious easily upload and manage photos. As a matter of fact I found it much better then the facebook uploader itself because it allows me to add tags and captions before uploading which is just opposite in the facebook uploader.

Here are the snapshots :

Adobe photo uploader

Adobe photo uploader all albums

Download it from here


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