YouTube Earnings in Adsense showing up all Zeros ? Here is how to view them.

Seems like starting with April 2013, YouTube has stopped showing up earning in your Dashboard. I remember YouTube did announce something on similar lines where YouTube earnings will be shown only at the month end, at the time of final calculation, like YouTube Earnings.

The Problem is that YouTube Estimated earnings are getting displayed as Zero while total earnings are still showing figures. So,  I am taking this as a glitch as of now.

Those who are unaware, YouTube has two kind of advert system. One that is from AdSense and another that comes from YouTube owned advertisement system. The later earnings reports are only displayed when final earnings are calculated.

So how do you see your YouTube Earnings:

YouTube AdSense earnings are displayed as Hosted AdSense for Content. So if the earnings are not getting displayed follow the steps below.

  • Click on Performance Reports tab and select todays reporting.
  • Then select Products from the left hand side menu.
  • Then scroll down a bit and click on  Hosted AdSense for Content.

YouTube Earnings in Adsense

That’s it, Now you will be able to see the earnings from your channel. Anywhere else you will be able to see the clicks, rpm etc. but not the estimated earnings.  Estimated earnings are still zero even here.


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