Session Buddy: Advance Session Manager for Chrome

Often, browsing leads to the opening of multiple windows and tabs. For instance, if you are doing a work presentation and researching using Google Chrome, opening multiple tabs is necessary. You cannot necessarily use one tab, collect the information, and open another. That way, it will take an extraordinary amount of time to get the work done. But what happens if there is an unexpected browser crash? This is where you need an advance session manager for Chrome to restore tabs.

What Happens When Chrome Crashes?

You can potentially lose all the tabs and windows, leading to a disastrous scenario. Sometimes, you don’t even remember what you opened, and all that research is lost instantly. In that case, opting for a Google Chrome extension that aids in managing browser tabs are an excellent idea. Here, we will talk about Session Buddy, one of the best Google Chrome extensions for managing browser tabs.

Session Buddy: Advance Session Manager for Chrome

Here are all the details to help you understand how Session buddy ensures better and advanced session management in Chrome.

  1. What is Session Buddy?
  2. How to Use Session Buddy?
  3. Features, Pros, and Cons

Anyone can install the extension and does not need any special permission.

1] What is Session Buddy?

Session Buddy is an excellent Google Chrome extension that manages tabs and windows on your browser. You can also handle bookmarks with this extension. Apart from that, there are some other exciting features too.

For instance, you can view and handle different opened tabs in a single place. It is also easy to search the open tabs and find what you are looking for.

That way, if you accidentally or somehow lose the tabs, you can get them back. For that, you have to reopen the former browsing sessions. Keep in mind that the session is saved in real-time while using the web browser.

2] How to Use Session Buddy?

Do you want to know how to use Session Buddy? Well, the working principle in this advanced session manager extension is simple. For instance, if you have a total of three windows, each with a few tabs, these can be saved in Session Buddy easily. It is possible to reopen the three windows at a later time.

It is an excellent way to get rid of the tab clutter on Google Chrome. That way, visibility won’t be an issue. Moreover, it also assists in freeing the memory space of the computer or laptop. If you want to restore or take a look at the session, check out the list of saved sessions.

How to Use Session Buddy for Chrome

3] Features of Session Buddy

Session Buddy has a wide array of features. These are –

  • Recovery of tabs after a browser crash.
  • Saving tabs in the form of collections so that they can be restored later
  • Aids in freeing memory and eliminating clutter.
  • Easy searching of information within the collections and tabs
  • Hassle-free management of open tabs in a single place

Session Buddy Pros

There is an extensive list of benefits one can gain from using Session Buddy. Take a look –

  • Recovery of open tabs after the crash: Saving the current sessions while you are browsing the web is an excellent way to restore the tabs when a browser crashes. That way, there is no panic involved, and the user can easily retrieve the tabs. However, it is crucial to understand that Session Buddy doesn’t autosave the sessions to the cloud.
  • Saving open tabs in the form of collections: One of the primary functionalities of Session Buddy is saving the sessions. It enables users to feel a sense of security in the event of a situation where data loss is a possibility.
  • Easy searching of collections and tabs to find information: With Session Buddy, you get a search function. The function aids users in locating particular tabs manually.

Session Buddy Cons

However, some disadvantages come with Session Buddy. It is better to know more about it before making a decision. Check out the cons listed below –

  • CPU problems: Multiple users complained of an increase in CPU due to Session Buddy installation. It might affect the overall performance of the system.
  • No cloud-based storage: If you are looking for cloud-based storage, Session Buddy is not an ideal choice. That is because this Google Chrome extension only offers local storage. Users cannot use another device to search or restore the open tabs.
  • Only for Chrome: It is crucial to understand that Session Buddy is an extension specifically designed for Chrome. As such, it doesn’t work with other browsers such as Edge or Firefox. If you use other browsers, you need to look for alternative options.


It is undoubtedly that Session Buddy is an excellent session manager for Google Chrome. It aids in easy management of browser tabs and windows. With this extension, you don’t have to worry about losing information or hard-worked research due to an unfortunate browser crash. However, it is advisable to gain more knowledge about an extension before installing it on the system.

Download and install Session Buddy to increase work productivity now!

What is Session in Browsers?

A session is a way so that Internet Sites can remember you and many times your authentication. For example, when you open a mail, it does not ask you for a password every time because it remembers you either by using a cookie or some other way. Similarly, many online shopping sites remember your choice using this technique. You can read more about it here

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