Advance Copy File names and Path for Windows

Since Windows Vista and in Windows 7 Copy As path had been one of the most productive feature which allows you to copy the exact path of the file which you might need at many places such as when you want to upload a file. This lets you skip the annoying browse file option.

However many a times you would need more than just copying path. You might need just file name or parent folder name or may be even the UNC name and If you did share it you would also like to copy the network path.

Path Copy Copy is a small windows menu extender  which gets all you these options with just a simple right-click and that path gets copied to your clipboard and all you need is paste it where you want to use it.

Installation is easy. All you need is download the setup from here and run it. Once it completes, this will get integrated with your right-click menu. You need to check if there is any option which says Path Copy, If you do see, you are done.

Type of Paths you can get:

  • Copy Short name and Long Name : This is for Dos based names. For Short names you will get a tild.
  • Copy Short Path and Long Path : Same as above.
  • Copy Parent Folder Path.
  • Copy UNC Path or network path is that it displays could be in 2 formats. One in $ format i.e \\ARYAN\G$\MyOffice when you havent shared it and the other is normal format if you had shared it \\ARYAN\Users\Ashish\Desktop\ram.vbe .
  • Copy UNC Parent Folder Path.
  • For UNC you can also use hidden shares.
  • Copy Unix Path
  • Copy Cygwin path.

Settings :

Now for regular users so many options doesnt make sense, hence when you enable the app you will see only basic settings i.e. for copying Path or File name etc. But if you have any usage for so many you can just right click on any file and select Settings from Path Copy option.

In settings you have Default Command tab section and Enabled Command section. default is what it comes with and enabled command section should be used to add more menus.

For more advanced users, you can use custom commands section to add more. While creating you will have to play by rules i.e you need to choose basic action and then apply filters over it which can be to turn forward slash to backward and find and replace which is pretty impressive.


  1. I have seen a few references to this program around the web but the original source has dissapeared (broken link) – Does anyone know ehere to find a copy of this gem?

  2. Hi
    Better way i think, I suggest to try “Long Path Tool” program .

    its really advance copy filename & path 🙂

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