Advanced dashboard for Sticky Notes : Sticky Sorter

Sticky Sorter is a free desktop application which is an excellent replacement of Sticky Notes which you have in vista or any 3rd part Sticky Note you had been using. This application allows you to create multiple dashboard which can have as many sticky notes you want.

This is pretty useful when you are working in collaboration or developing a new project where you have lot of ideas which you just want to write down to evaluate it later.

With different colour combination you can also group the sticky notes under different heads. Moreover the notes after getting grouped can be stacked in different views also.

Sticky Notes Dashboard

Sticky Notes Dashboard

Like I use it for my projects where i break it into screens. All screen constrains and description are put together. On top of this the sticky notes you see here are not just mere scratch pad, you can define your own fields.

Adding Fields to your Sticky Notes

Adding Fields to your Sticky Notes

Moreover you can als0 define Hidden fields and fields which are only visible when turned around ( the backside of it ). So if you any numbers or address can be noted here. Putting fields on backside also lets you save a lot of space

Sticky Notes back

Sticky Notes back

This makes this application stand out of all the similar applications. Like for my projects I can create fields of Name, Description, Important  points, When to complete etc. This lets me keep myself organized in a better way. So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and give this Sticky Notes application a try its worth it !!

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  1. Thanks dude.

    This will be surely useful for me. Keep posting in this topic buddy

  2. This is a *great* app that has finally managed to mimic real life index cards/stickies to a large, useful degree. We are now using it to plot a screenplay. Love the hotkeys for setting colours (makes things easy to categorize.) It’d be perfect if 1)mousing over a note which has overflowing text would display the entire note, 2)holding down the spacebar enables panning, 3)new notes spawn at last cursor location, 4)there is the ability to “send to back”, i.e. send one note behind another and have that note stay overlapped. The ability to print would be nice too.

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