AeroZoom creates a Presentation mouse of your Regular mouse

Presentation mouse and devices like that are specifically built so that you can present without being stuck at keyboard but they do cost and not affordable by everyone and on top you don’t need it at all situations. Aero Zoom, nick named as poor man’s presentation mouse helps you in using your mouse in similar way as presenter’s mouse.

Aero Zoom Panel

Lets take a look at the features first :

  1. Zooming in / out or reset any time without a keyboard, Uses WIndows 7  Magnifier.
  2. Works better with a wireless mouse  and Comes with an alternative executable for left-hander.
  3. Large buttons designed to quickly toggle sub-magnifier settings (It only needs 1 click while Magnifier needs 3 for those settings.) Or to add more functionalities.
  4. Restore or Hide Zoom any time. Also it launches the zoom where your cursor is so you don’t end up in finding it.
  5. Run Snipping Tool, WordPad and Calculator while in zoom mode.
  6. Portable. Writes per-user settings to registry.

Video Demo of AeroZoom

This reminds me of the Microsoft’s Sysinternal Tool, Zoom It which is equally good but does not have the sniping tool feature. Download Aero Zoom
Aero Zoom Configuration


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