What You do next after a call on your BlackBerry ?

So after you make or receive a call  what you do next ? Tuck in the paper on which you noted details while on call or take a paper and write down the call information or even save it on your desktop on notes section. The details can be a meeting call next week or important instructions given or a phone number.

After Call is a paid Blackberry app which is dead simple to use but very powerful when you need to note down data which I talked just above. BlackBerry already comes with Memos to take notes, calendar for meetings and Task Creator. This apps takes advantage of this and forms a layer over all of them. This gives you access to all of these from once central location.

After Call on Phone Numbers

When I compare it with another BlackBerry App, reQall of which Liter Version is free , the main difference comes out choosing between something complex and something different.  reQall integrates every where, right from phone to emails and even sms.  Managing tasks becomes very easy.

Reqall Features

Though reQall has many advantages like Speech to Text, Location base support, email reminders about tasks etc but After Call integrates well with your BlackBerry. The data is left on your mobile so even if you have removed the app, the data stays back.

After Call also lets you use it for many  times which is enough to understand if its going to be useful for you. This app comes at a  cost of 4.99$ which I agree is bit costly. You can download After Call from App Word