AirSnare detects unfriendly MAC addresses

AirSnare is a windows application which does a big job to secure your Wireless security. This tool can detect any unfriendly mac addresses which might be requesting you and gives you an option of tracking the MAC address’ access to IP addresses and ports or by launching Ethereal upon a detection.

This tool works on Windows 7 also if you install it using the compatibility mode and select Windows Vista in that.

Like you can see in image how Air Snare detects all those intruders. You can scan MAC, TCP, UDP and set up an email alert if you are away from your computer. You can also check DHCP requests on a separate window.

How to use AirSnare :

  • Launch the tool. In case you receive any error, start the application in Administrator mode. ( Right click, run as administrator )
  • Once the tool starts,  you will see list of all the network connection i.e. WiFi and Lan adapters listed.
  • Select the network which you want to monitor. Right click and choose start.
  • The application will start monitoring IP Address / Mac Address that connect to that network and in case of any unfriendly detection, a voice message is set out.
  • In case you find that the MAC / IP Address is known to you, right click on it and  Add to Trusted. They are available under Unfriendly Mac Address section. This can be changed or removed anytime you want.

Download Air Snare


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