All-Glass Firefox – get all glass look in Firefox

Ever wanted to see your Firefox in Glass like look, if yes, here is something you were looking for. All-Glass Firefox is an awesome add-on for Firefox, which enables the Aero Glass in your Firefox.

This add-on is developed by Ambroos. Installation process is simple, click on the link below to install, restart your Firefox to get an all new look.

Here is what your Firefox will look like after installing this add-on.


Yes, not only the title bar, but almost everything (other than the page content) seems to be made up glass.

So, go ahead and install this add-on, and make your Firefox sexier.

In order to play safe, I would suggest you to disable any other add-on which you have already installed in your Firefox for better looks.

Install All-Glass Firefox

Via Tweaking With Vishal



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