All My Apps remembers what you install : Makes switching windows easy

All My Apps is a wonderful application for windows which gives you freedom from remembering what apps you had installed in your computer and from where you need to download it. Well most of them.

This application has a list of free and paid applications and the most popular applications used in Windows ans acts like a marketplace where you can go and search for software and install it in one click.  In case there is an update released it updates the applications for you.

All these applications which you had installed using the All My Apps interface is stored in your profile if you sign up. This way when you clean install windows or when you switch to a different computer, you don’t have to worry about finding and again installing each of them. Just install this application first and then get your list stored with them.

AllMyApps Windows Application

Here is a video that explains lot better :

This application is very close to iTunes for iOS devices and Macs. You can have your payment information stored and search for new apps and paid apps. Download clicking on the Free Apps button and launch the app right from the browser.

AllMyApps Store

This application also reminds of two similar apps, Volery and  Free App, both of which lets you batch download programs and run an auto installation process which installs all the applications which you select one by one in your windows machine. When I compare this with allmyapps, the online profile which remembers all your apps beats both of them.

The only drawback for allmyapps is it cannot find if there is an application is already installed in your computer unless you have installed it using their interface. If a feature can be added where users can add what apps they already have into their account it would be great. Check out AllMyApps.


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