Alphabetizer can do any list

Many a times when you find a list on internet the need of changing it to a certain order and format is more then just sorting it according to alphabets or numbers. Albhabetizer is one online tool which understands this need and allows you to

  • Strip HTML
  • Ignore Case
  • Make all lowercase
  • Capitalize first word
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Reverse List
  • Randomize
  • Ignore Indefinite Articles
  • Ignore Definite Articles
  • Define the separator
  • Add anything before or after
  • And if you dont really want to skip ordering of the list and alphabetizing you can do it.

This tool is a must for people who do a lot of editing or gather information from internet and need to foramt it a lot before putting into the document itself.  I wish if this tool could have come with a browser extension which would work when I select any list of online web pages. Check out Alphabetizer


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