Alt + Backspace may lead to unauthorised login in yahoo messenger

Just imagine a scenario, you are in a cybercafe or the office. You are about to login into Yahoo Messenger. You key in your Yahoo id and your password; you are just about hit the enter on your Messenger.

Unauthorized Yahoo Messenger Login

Before you could do this, you get a phone call from some of your contacts, and you change your mind, and you drop the idea to sign in, as you need to rush somewhere. Now, obviously, you will remove your yahoo id and password.

Removing the id and password could be done through several methods, select both fields and delete or backspace each, or character by character delete or backspace. As you have cleared your messenger, you leave the computer and walk away without exiting the messenger.

clear yahoo messenger password

Now someone else comes and uses the well-known combination Alt+Backspace, to retrieve the text back in each of the id and password fields, and here you yourself have given access to some unauthorized person to your messenger.

Alt Backspace Reveal password id

This works on Gtalk as well, and I have not checked it on MSN messenger, but I think it will work there as well.

When I talked to Ashish about this, he said it’s a Windows-based application, so it works. My point is should it work? Is it not a security risk?

I think it should not work, and above all, allowing this key combination to work on messenger is of no use. Maybe this view of mine might not appeal to you, but please have your say.

I would like to hear what do you think ??

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