Amazing Windows 7 Themes ( Free Download ) Part 2

This is the second part of our huge collection of Windows 7 Themes and this time most of the themes listed below can change the Start or the Orb Button for you. It uses a small program,  Windows 7 Start Button Changer which you will need to use once you have applied the theme.

Also make sure you do read the instructions listed at  the download link as few themes require a bit of manual customization. In case you are not ready for this style, Check out list of Windows 7 Themes for one click installations.

iPad Theme for Windows 7

This theme first changes the color scheme to black like iPad has on its border, I wish somebody creates a White iPad Theme now, and then you need to go and change the Start Button. Once you are done get this official iPad Wallpaper.

If you want to create iPad like folder arrangements, I would suggest you to use Fences Software which will make areas on desktop where you can put files and folder. This theme come along with sound schemes also.

Windows 7 iPad Theme


Android Theme for Windows 7

This theme is similar to above theme when it comes to installation and gets the Green Android color to almost every part of your Windows. You can also change the Start Button to reflect your Android Icon. This theme doesn’t come with wallpapers, So I would suggest you to Grab this theme, Take out the wallpaper and apply to this theme.

Android Theme with ORB Support for Windows 7


Glass Onion Theme for Windows 7

This theme requires a lot of manual work to get the theme done. You will need to download wallpapers, icons and use Rain Meter which is also used in Windows Phone 7 Theme to make the theme work. This is one of the most beautiful yet touch to apply theme. Read the instructions carefully.

Glass Theme for Windows 7Download

Call of Duty Theme for Windows 7

This theme will change Start Menu Button and Theme Look and Feel. You will still need to get  the wallpapers of Call of Duty, Black Ops which you can grab it from here and apply to it.

Call of Duty Theme Windows 7 Start Button

Download | Check out More Game themes

Zune Theme for Windows 7

This theme will bring you look and feel like Zune Software has.  Again lot of customization, make sure you do make system restore before applying.

Windows 7 Zune Theme


We will keep updating this list as we find new themes. Make sure you bookmark us.


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