Amazon Kindle availble in India ( Pricing )

If you are looking forward to buy Amazon Kindle in India, has the stock ready.  The price for Amazon Kindle in India are set as :

  • Kindle Wi-Fi 6″ (Graphite)  :  Rs. 8950.00
  • Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi 6″ (White and Graphite)  : Rs. 11,850.00

It includes one year warranty from the manufacturer, 7 Days return protection and 10 days shipping. Order it from here. ( Thanks Atul )

Kindle Pricing in India


Also according to Atul its cheaper to buy Kindle in India rather than exporting from US which includes so much of hassle in some states regrading road tax and all the gagas. Below is the cost of getting Kindle to India including customs. Its 216.32 * 44 = 9518.08 and in India you get it in  8950. This price comparison is made for only WIFI model.

Cost of getting Kindle to India including customs



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