An Easy Guide To Editing Brand Promos For Marketing Managers

A marketing manager will always be on the lookout for different marketing strategies. One of the essential marketing tools in marketing is brand promos. And, video forms the hub of any marketing plan.

With so much importance attached to marketing videos, you need to be aware of what goes into making brand promo videos. But creating videos is only part of the process. A significant chunk of the grunt work goes into editing brand promos.

In this post, we look at the different aspects of editing brand promo videos and how they can benefit marketing managers.

To promote your brand, you need to create sufficient hype for people to get interested in your product. Of all the tried and tested means, the best way to get the word out about your brand is through brand promo videos.

An Easy Guide To Editing Brand Promos For Marketing Managers

Where do you begin? You may ask. A good approach is to use a free online video editor. It will help you to create an inexpensive but compelling brand promo to promote your business and brand through video.

The Importance Of Online Video Editors

Use an online video editor like InVideo, which many consider being the best free youtube video editor for creating brand promos. It will simplify your editing tasks and produce faster results.

With such an online video editor, you can make quick edits on videos that you have uploaded. You won’t have to waste time downloading or re-uploading videos – the editor will do it all. As a result, your video editing process becomes much easier.

You can perform numerous functions with an online video editor other than just slicing and re-arranging different frames from your videos. Even if you don’t have a media collection, an online editor like InVideo has a library of music and videos from which you can choose.

Steps For Editing Your Brand Promos Using An Online Video Editor

First off, create an account and be logged into it. Once the editor opens, you will see visual and audio representations of the video and the audio waveforms.

You can use the online video editor to edit live streams as well as regular videos. Trimming and splicing are quickly done by dragging the mouse across the video and audio timelines and cutting and moving frames as required.

Once you have access to an online video editor and assuming that you also have some video footage for your brand promo, let’s take a look at how to go about editing it:

Editing Begins While Shooting

Although editing is so critical for making good brand promo videos, the process starts during the shooting stage. You need to shoot your video with certain aspects of your shooting stage in mind.

Understand The Brand

A common mistake that many video creators make is losing sight of the brand. Before you start shooting, spend some time reading up on the brand that your video will promote. It will enable you to shoot and edit the video with the brand in mind.

Multiple Takes

If you do multiple takes, you have a lot of variety available to you when you edit. Make these shots feature footage from different angles as well as zoomed in and zoomed out videos.

The Importance Of Backup

As soon as you finish shooting, copy the data to another location as quickly as possible. There are many cases of footage getting lost because the file was saved in a random place, or a memory card got lost. Don’t take that risk.

A Place To Edit

You may shoot anywhere, but where you edit is essential. Identify somewhere you can sit comfortably with a clear mind without distractions.

Organizing Your Files

Video data gets stored in the same way that the written form gets stored in files. When you have multiple shots of footage, you can easily lose a file or folder. Organize your footage into carefully labeled files and folders.

Watch Your Video

It sounds like quite an obvious thing, but it is not. So many people look at single or groups of frames without looking at the entire footage. Watch all your footage multiple times, to be familiar with everything you have.

Putting It All Together

Collect all your best takes and assemble them onto your timeline. We call this an “assembly edit” that helps you get all the content you require. Don’t worry about adding unnecessary footage – you can fix that during the “fine cutting” stage.

Fine Cutting

Fine cutting is a critical stage of editing. In this stage, you need to trim the beginning and end of the video. It is at this stage that you can discard repetitive or bad quality frames. Use “jump-cutting” to make your video smoother and faster.

During fine cutting, use transitions effectively to add variety to your video. You can also avail of automatic transitions that enhance your video without too much manual intervention. You will find great scope for creativity during this stage.

Watch Your Video A Few Last Times

Once you complete all the above steps, you need to keep watching your video a few last times. Do not upload it until you have viewed it several times. Each time you watch it, you will see ways to add or delete stuff to make it even better.


Whether you are an experienced professional who regularly produces brand promos or a newbie just starting out, it doesn’t matter. Even if you have a video editor free download, you need certain basics to be in place.

The process of making a brand promo that marketing managers can use involves certain concepts and techniques effectively.

Here, we have tried to cover everything you need for your brand promo video to deliver a strong message. Promoting a brand is not easy. You need to understand the brand and use the tips provided here to create a compelling promo video.

If you follow this simple guide for editing brand promo videos, you can empower marketing managers to do their job better. You can create and edit a good video that promotes a brand by creating the required level of brand awareness.


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