Analytics for Twitter ( Video )

Many a time it is required to compare a couple of Twitter accounts to find various data like

  • Who Tweeted Most
  • Who’s Tweet was Retweeted Most
  • During which part of the day are the accounts most active
  • Top Hashtags
  • The tone of the tweets, i.e., Positive or Negative

Currently, Twitter does not provide insight into this kind of feature, but a recently released tool, Analytics for Twitter, which uses a combination of PowerPivot and Twitter API, provides insight for this kind of data to compare Twitter accounts in Office Excel. Below is a video demonstration followed by detailed instructions on how to use it.

First Glance :

You have charts for Tweets by Day, Top Hashtags,  Top Mentions, Tweeters,  Tweet Type, Tone, and Time of Day. Along with these, you also have powerful filters on the right for all of these to find detailed insights.

Twitter Analyitcs Snapsots

Installation Instructions :

First, download the excel file from here. Launch, and if you do not have PowerPivot for excel, it will take you to the download page. Download and Install.  Once everything is complete, you are ready to use. Make sure to close the excel file before installing PowerPivot for Excel.

How to grab data for new Twitter Accounts?

  • You have a search-like text box where you can enter new Twitter accounts separated by a comma.
  • Click the Blue Search button to start retrieving tweets and save it in a database already available in the excel file.

Find data for Twitter Accounts

  • Once done, you need to select the Power Pivot Tab and then click on the Update All Button.
  • Next, you need to right-click on a chart and select Refresh Data.
  • This will update the charts with the latest data that you downloaded.

How to Refresh data in Analytics for Twitter

Example: How to compare Twitter accounts

This is an interactive dashboard. On the right-hand side, you will lot of filters available based on the metadata like Tone, Tweet Type, Twitter Accounts, etc. Click on any of them, and all the charts in Excel will filter data according to that.

For example, if you want to find out, between two Twitter accounts,  who gets more re-tweets and who is more positive

  • First, select two Twitter accounts using the Control + Mouse selection
  • Then Select Positive from Tone Filter and Retweet from the Tweet Type filter.
  • This will give you the exact data.

Sample Filter Tweet Analytics


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