Android app for Indian Penal Code, Constitution of India and more [Free]

This is really interesting, if you are an Indian, or somehow you are interested in India, here are some Android apps which you will love to install on your Android Device. The list below has three Android apps, these all apps are related to India and they allow you to improve your insight about the Indian Laws and Constitution. Here is a short description of the apps, have a look –

IPC – Indian Penal Code –

Indian Penal Code (IPC) is the comprehensive code, covers all the substantive aspects of criminal law. You can read more about IPC @ Wikipedia. If you want to know more about the different sections of the IPC, the acts which are considered to be an offense, the punishment for the offense and so on, then this app is for you.

This Android app named as “IPC – Indian Penal Code” has it all, it supports searching as well, and has the complete Indian Penal Code (IPC) and ACTS in a Readable format. It has all the 511 sections in an unedited form. If anyhow you have an interest to know more about laws, you definitely need this app. The app also has the sharing options; you can easily share a Section from IPC on Facebook, Twitter, via email, SMS, etc. Here are some of the snapshots of the app, have a look –

Indian Penal Code free Android app

Install and read the details about the app on the IPC – Indian Penal Code page in the Android Market.

Constitution of India –

The name says it all, this free Android app named as Constitution of India allows you to go through the constitution of India. All the functions and features are same as that of the IPC – Indian Penal code app; also both these apps are developed by the same developer.

Here is a snapshot of the app –

Know the Constitution of India with free Android app

Read more and Install the app from the Constitution of India app page in the Android Market

CrPC-Code of Criminal Procedur –

If you are interested in just the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) this app is for you, this app has the complete CrPC in a readable format, you can through the different sections, also you can search the CrPC and share the sections, and all the features are same as for the previously mentioned apps.

Here is a snapshot of the app –

Free CrPC-Code of Criminal Procedure Android app

Read more and Install the app from the CrPC-Code of Criminal Procedure app page in the Android Market

In my opinion, if you are an Indian, or residing in India, all these apps are worth having on your Android device, this is probably one of the simplest way to get educated about the Constitution of our country, also all these apps don’t need any type of internet connection so you can utilize them whenever and wherever you want, so go ahead and download these apps, even if you don’t feel like downloading any of them, I will recommend downloading at least the app which talks about the Constitution of India, give it a try.