Android : Auto send SMS to missed calls

Most of the smart-phones now have option to send text message at the time of rejecting any incoming call. However, situation is different when you aren’t even around to attend the call or never heard your phone ringing.

SMS Replier for Android makes sure you are ready to handle these kind of situations also. This app allows you to set automatic reply text for such calls with notification.

Auto Send SMS

Features :

If you want to send out long message, the app supports it by breaking the SMS into multiple SMS. It does the job but if you are on limited SMS plan, it will cost you more.

Automatically includes the contact name in the SMS. This gives a personal attention to the receiver but make sure you haven’t setup a nick name which the other person doesn’t know about. 😛

Notifications are sent to status bar with status for each SMS i.e Failed or Successful. To make sure you know that it runs in the background, running status is shown on the status bar.

Rainbow background for users who love to have colours.

For all these to work, the app should be able to see the phones caller ID function. This is enabled in most of the smartphones or even regular phone these days.

Download :

The app is pretty simple when it comes to settings. So unless you are looking for rule based functions etc, this app is just fit for you.  Its available as free download on the google play store.