Android : Auto turn off turn on WIFI based on location

Most of us have WIFI either at home or office or any location where we spend most of the time. So when Wi-Fi is around, we always love to save our mobile bandwidth which definitely is not cheaper at any part of the world. However, we always tend to forget to turn on the WIFI on. So here is something make you even more lazy, Smart WIFI Toggler.

This app automatically turns your android mobile or tablet Wi-Fi on and off based on your location. So if you get away from that location, the Wi-Fi is turned off and when you reach the same location again, the Wi-Fi is turned on again.

Smart WIFI Toggler

It uses the mobile location service to create data points when you connect to a Wi-Fi and stay connected for a while. Next time when you reach the same destination again, it matches the location and turn it on. The good part is that it does not uses your GPS all the time. Instead, it uses the last saved location to determine if you are around any know hotspot location.


  • You can setup rules based on your time and day to disable/ enable data & lock / unlock Wi-Fi.
  • You can set option to auto connect to any known hot spot.
  • Set disconnection timeout.
  • Trail Timeout : This feature tells smart Wi-Fi toggler for how long it should keep Wi-Fi on when it suspects the presence of new by hotspot.
  • Efficiency bar : This  bar indicates how much of the Wi-Fi on time was on your phone actually when connected to Wi-Fi network.
  • Periodic Wi-Fi Check for hotspots when the phone is asleep.
  • It can lock Wi-Fi to a disabled state.
  • Notification when a hotspot goes down.
  • Maintains History and logging.

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