How to Get Android Notifications on a Windows PC

Notifications are an integral part of our professional and personal lives. Notifications help us stay updated and connected to what’s happening in our lives and inform us about what needs to be done. Missing these notifications can be troublesome, and checking your phone every time you receive a notification ping is time-consuming and hampers workflow. But what if we told you that getting Android notifications on your Windows 11/10 PC is possible? Well, it is. This article will tell you how to get Android notifications on your Windows PC.

Get Android notifications on your Windows PC

How to Get Android Notifications on a Windows 11/10 PC

This section will tell you how to get Android notifications on your Windows PC using a preinstalled Windows utility that facilitates the connection between your PC and Android smartphone and also using a third-party app. Here’s all that’s covered in this article:

  1. Get Android Notifications On Windows PC Using Microsoft Phone Link
  2. Get Android Notifications On Windows PC Using Pushbullet

Let’s now have a detailed look at each of these methods.

1] Get Android Notifications On Windows PC Using Microsoft Phone Link

Microsoft Phone link (Previously known as Your Phone) is a preinstalled utility that links Android and iOS smartphones to your Windows PC, allows seamless wireless sharing of files, messages, and notifications, and even allows you to make calls. Here’s how to use the Microsoft phone link to get Android notifications on Windows PC:

  • Firstly, set up the Microsoft phone link on Windows.
  • After the initial setup, a few additional steps must be completed.
  • Open the Microsoft Phone Link app on your Windows PC and Android Smartphone.
  • On the PC, head over to the left pane of the app. There, you will see a finish setting up your notifications prompt. Click the Open settings on mobile device button.

Finish setting up notifications on Microsoft Phone Link

  • Once you click the button, settings will automatically open up on your Android device. You’ll see a list of apps; among the apps, open Link to Windows.

Allowing Device And App Notification Access in Android

  • In the Link to Windows notification access settings, toggle on the Allow notification access option. Once enabled, you can see all your device notifications on your Windows PC.

Allowing Device And App Notification Access to Link to Windows app in Android

  • You can also choose which apps to get notifications and how the notifications appear on your PC.
  • To modify notification settings, click the Settings icon in the top right corner. Then open features. In features, scroll down to find Notifications.
  • Now, you can select whether to show notifications as banners or in the link to the Windows feed. You can also control how notifications from each app are received and even disable them.

Changing notification settings in Microsoft Phone Link

2] Get Android Notifications On Windows PC Using Pushbullet

Pushbullet is a browser extension for Chrome that is connected to the smartphone application and allows you to seamlessly receive notifications from your Android device, transfer files, and send URLs, text, messages, and images.

Pushbullet extension for Google Chrome

The critical difference between Pushbullet and Microsoft phone links is that both devices must not be on the same network to stay connected. The application utilizes the individual internet connectivity of both devices to transfer notifications, messages, files, and images.

Since the utility gets integrated into the Chrome browser, it becomes less hassling for the user. However, the file transfer speeds are slower, and Pushbullet also lacks certain vital functionalities, including the ability to control notifications for individual apps.

Download the Pushbullet Chrome extension and the Pushbullet app for Android to set up the application. Sign up with an account, and ensure the same account is logged into both devices. Once logged in, allow the necessary permissions on your Android, and your notifications will be synced to your Windows PC.

Download Pushbullet Chrome Extension | Download Pushbullet Android App


This article taught us how to get Android notifications on Windows PC. Microsoft is continuously developing ways to enable seamless sync between Android and Windows devices.

You can achieve that to a certain extent with Phone Link and third-party applications. Not picking up your phone to check notifications and access files can save time and greatly aid your productivity and workflow. We hope you found the article to be helpful. Please make sure that you share it with everyone.

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