How to share Hotspot or WiFi Password with others without telling them

Sometimes you need to share Mobile hotspot with friends and family. While you can change the password anytime, but if you are not comfortable sharing password with anyone, there are two ways of doing it. One of the methods can be applied to the WIFI router at your home as well. You can print the code out, and stick it to the wall for everyone. Here is how to share Android Hotspot or any WiFi Password with others without telling them.

How to share Hotspot or WiFi Password with others without telling them?

Before we go ahead, note down the WIFI name or SSID and password in one place. If you do not remember the password, log in to your router to figure it out. If you are doing this for your Hotspot, then note down the SSID and password which should be available under Wifi Settings of the phone.

1] Generate QR Code

Most of the Android phone has inbuilt support to scan the QR code. It is the best way to share the wifi either by printing it out or carrying the QR code on your phone.

  • Download and install the QR Code Generator
  • Tap on the Text box and change it to WIFI
  • Enter SSID, Password, and select network types.
  • Click on generate button, and then save it.

WIfi share QR code generator

You can either take a print out or keep it handy on your phone to share whenever needed. When someone asks for the credentials, open the image, and ask them to scan using their camera. It will instantly give them the option to join the WiFi.

2] Wifi Key Share

If you have an NFC tag, then we suggest using this app which can generate QR code and also write it to an NFC tag. Download it from here.

3] Check if your phone supports it

Some of the Android smartphones with custom skin have Wifi sharing feature. You can figure that out by going to Wifi Settings, and check if the connected wifi has the option of QR code. For example, in Mi/Redmi/Xioami phones, if you tap on the arrow next to the connected wifi, it will open QR code. You can share any wifi you are connected or were previously connected with anybody.

QR code for Sharing Wifi

These are some of the best ways to share your home WIFI or Internet hotspot to anyone without sharing the actual password. That said he or she may share it with someone else or use software to figure out the password.


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