Android : Share your WiFi hotspot login with a tap (NFC)

Its a common scenario that when a friend jumps in your house and wants to use your WIFI, you always take that phone in a secret place to key in the hot-spot details. Some people who are smart use their routers push button but then we don’t have routers at all the places.

So here is a simple solution for phones enabled with NFC. This app, NFC Hotspot, helps you share any WIFI details with just a tap if the app is installed on both the places.  It works in two scenarios :

Mobile Tethering:  When you connect your mobile data with friends, it can send the hotspot details right away to their mobile and connect them.

Using NFC Tag Reader: If you want to share your Home WIFI, you can use this to write a NFC Hotspot Tag with all details and let your friends connect after they tap the reader. You can always have the reader around your router or anywhere you think it will look cool.

NFC Hotspot Sender Preferences

After you tap and data is sent across, the app will launch itself in “Connecting with Hotspot” mode. You can cross check by visiting your Settings > WIFI section.


  • Use your mobile as sender or receiver.
  • You can choose which version of NFC Hotspot you will be beaming to as sender.
  • Special Toggle Mode which allows to remove the hotspot details on the second tap. First beam opens the hotspot and connects while the next beam, closes the hotspot and disables WiFi.

NFC Hotspot in Action


The free version of the app is just to showcase that the concept works. It comes with predefined settings which is passed via NFC tag and the other mobile will try to connect with that hotspot. The hotspot data will be saved in the other mobile as well. The full version of the app allows you to configure whatever Hotspot login detail you would want to share.