Animate your photos, create GIF animations with Loogix

Fun Photo Box, DeeFunia, Photofunia, MagMyPic, Write on It and Eff My Pic are the services which we have talked about, they allow you to add some very funny and interesting effects to your photos, here is another tool, which makes your photos funny by adding animation to them.

Here are some examples of animations, have a look.

There are several effects available, like, Radial Blur, Swirl, Blur, Movie, Motley, Guggle, Negative, Painting, etc. You just have to choose and effect and upload your photo, choose the size, and hit ‘Generate Animation’ to get the animated image.

Once you get the animation, you can share it using the widgets on the page, or you can simply save them on your computer.

Loogix also allows you to create the GIF animations from the set of images you have.

This can be found scrolling down the homepage, it’s a simple 3 step process, Upload images (each image will be  a frame of animated GIF), select the size and speed, hit the ‘Generate Animation’ button, got the animation, now share them the way you want, get the embed code or simply download it to your computer.

Give it a try, animate your photos, or create animations from the images, I am sure you will love its simple interface and fast working.

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