Apple iOS 4.2 still has Wi-Fi issues

I am not sure if I am the only one who is facing Wi-Fi issue but seems there is some bug which is till hanuting this version. I am using iPad and these are the things I noticed till now :

  • Even though the iPad connected with a Wi-Fi connection, the wifi icon did not show up unless I started the Twitter app which first gave an error “No Internet Connection” but then connected and the WiFi icon showed up. This happened with other apps like NDTV and New York Times.
  • Second thing which I noticed seems like connection drop. When I switch back between apps which are constantly connected to internet, they seem to be connected back to get data again and its more like a refresh.

So in short if you have this WiFi issue, just launch any application which tries to connect to Internet, here twitter is best bet and this is the only fix to the wifi issue in iPad as of now. For detailed steps follow the post here.

Did you  face any issues similar to this ?


  1. I agree. Downloaded it yesterday and have had a number of dropouts so far. Happens without warning. I go into settings and relocate my wifi network and eventually it comes back online.


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