Apple iTunes is now Vista compatible

ITunes from apple confirmed few hrs ago that media player now should run on most of the editions of vista.

A separate document says “new version of iTunes that addresses a number of compatibility issues with Windows Vista. iTunes 7.1 is recommended for use with most editions of Windows Vista,”

Update: Apple recommends iTunes 7.2 with Windows Vista update KB936824

However they still have some major bug to be fixed.Which are

  • Ejecting Ipod from windows should keep it in working condition.
  • The scattered dispaly has to be fixed when the image or video is displayed by resizing the window size.
  • Contact not syncing and others

They have given some few steps when you upgrade to Windows Vista from XP or 200.

  • De Authorization from all the stores.
  • Clean install of vista
  • upgrade to 7.1
  • Re-Authorizing the store accounts.

Check for the details on the dcument yourself iTunes and Windows Vista

Even For Mac there are lot of features in 7.1 Version.

  • Enjoy Favorite Music and TV Shows.
  • Improved Full Screen Cover Row.
  • Improved Sorting algorithm.

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Update: Is somebody has problem with VbScript error follow this solution iTunes and QuickTime for Windows XP cannot be installed without Visual Basic Script (VBScript)

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  1. Hi – It looks like this was posted awhile ago. I just bought a new 8G Nano and am having trouble with it using my Vista 64 bit OS. Will this still help me? Thanks!

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