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What is FTP: A Beginner’s Guide to FTP for WordPress

FTP Wordpress Guide

FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol,” and it’s one of the oldest protocols on the Internet. The first FTP clients were command-line interfaces since they existed before graphical computer desktops were common. Indeed, command-line interfaces for FTP and other legacy Internet protocols like IRC are still used today. The file transfer method most users are more familiar with is uploading ...

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How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch?

Social Media Marketing Plan

When we think of improving our business, there are many ways to achieve this goal through numerous digital marketing methods. Today, we’ll talk about creating a social media marketing plan from zero to success. All digital marketing companies in Dubai suggest that you should think before you act. Analyzing everything before embarking on this quest is of the utmost importance. ...

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Transfer Blog from to Self hosted WordPress Blog in 99$

Export Import WordPress Blog

If you have a blog at, you know very much how many restrictions are there such as you cannot monetize your blog as you aren’t allowed to install JavaScript, cannot install any plugin of your choice, you need to pay extra for editing themes style sheet, less control on how you manage your server and so on. While moving ...

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How to disable the WordPress Admin Bar

WordPress Admin Bar for Websites

WordPress 3.1 has a brilliant Admin Bar which is displayed on top of  your blog even when you are out of WordPress Admin Section. This is useful for quick access to many things, Short Link is one such example but many users feel this is an extra header on top. So here is how you can remove the WordPress Admin ...

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WordPress 3.1 is missing the Embedded video button

Missing Embedded Video

If you are not able to find the Video Embed Button after upgrading to WordPress 3.1, you are not alone. It seems because of some tinymce config issue it is not displaying the Add Video Button. I tried in IE 9, Firefox and Chrome, its missing in all of them and people have raised an issue already in the WordPress ...

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How to find number of posts by an Author per Year in WordPress

Post Filter in WordPress

If you have a multiple author blog using WordPress it is important to find out how many posts your authors are writing and whats the frequency every month.  WordPress Post List does not have this feature except you can sort it by Month in particular year. However looking at the parameters I was able to find a neat trick which ...

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How to find stats of any post in WordPress Stats ?

WordPress Stats

WordPress Stats is one of the best stats for getting an overview of your blog traffic but the stats display both for individual day or overview only displays top posts and there is a limit to number of top posts. So the question is how do you find stats for any post of your site using WordPress Stats which might ...

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May Day Update : Quality changes in Google Algorithm for Long Tail Searches

If you had wondered why you site traffic dropped considerably to an extent of more than 30% to 40% its because of change made in Google Algorithm for Long Tail Searches. Long Tail Searches are those small number of hits which pages of your site get and don’t get noticed unless you drill down to find it. For example 100’s of your site pages might ...

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A simple failover system to recover website when CDN fails

Its always a good idea to keep your images, css etc files on a server which can serve faster on top can server from nearest location which typically is the definition of a CDN or Content Deliver Network. Using CDN not only speeds up your website but also helps you in getting up in search result after it was included as one of the signals in ...

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