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Latest Browser Updates. Tips and tricks on browsers like firefox, IE , chrome, opera and others. Extensions which can be used along with them to enhance users experience.

How to Open Browsers in Private Mode Always

How To Always Open Browsers in InPrivate or Incognito Mode

The private browsing modes offered by web browsers can help to keep your Internet sessions private from other users of the same computer. In simple words, Private browsing (Incognito or InPrivate...
Edge Continue where you left

How to continue where you left off on the Browser

When you leave reading a web page in between, it is evident that you would always want to start from the same place, especially when you are somewhere in the middle....
How to Download, Install and Configure Chrome in Windows 10

How to Download, Install and Configure Chrome on Windows 10

Google Chrome is rated as one of the greatest web browsers out there for diverse reasons. It's known for its fast performance, stability, efficiency, reliability as well as security. Chrome has...
Remove Popup from Chrome

What are pop-ups? How to remove them from Chrome?

You might have observed that whenever you browse the websites, some of them request you to subscribe to their service through a prompt message box that randomly appears on the screen....
Enable Disable DNS over HTTPS

Enable or Disable DNS over HTTPS in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge

Mozilla has started rolling out DNS over HTTPS for Firefox to make sure the DNS resolution is also secure. While there is more to it, in this post, we will show...
How to login to multiple Google Accounts in the same browser

How to login to multiple Google Accounts in the same browser

Back in 2010, Alex Chitu reported about the Multiple Login feature that was under testing then. Fast Forward today, it is now possible to add multiple accounts in the same browser....
Manually Install Chrome Extensions Developer mode

How to manually install Chrome Extensions from outside Chrome Web Store

When it comes to installing the extension from third-party sources, Chrome is very strict about it. Its been tightened so much that even if the extension is available on the stores but...
Best Screenshot Extensions Chrome

Best Screenshot Extensions for Chrome Browser

Taking Screenshot of web pages is always useful whether you want to save it as proof of what was there or need it to explain somebody. It can be to suggest...
Clear Browsing History Hours

How to clear Browsing History of past few hours in Firefox, Chrome and Edge

Every browser offers you to clear browsing history. It's vital from the Privacy perspective. While you can get rid of all or for the whole day, but if you want to...
schedule emails gmail later

How to Schedule emails in Gmail to send at later date

Many times we come across a scenario when for some reason or other, we compose an email. Still, somehow we don’t want them to be sent immediately, maybe like you know...
Download Online Videos Flash

Download online videos and games using Firefox & Chrome

Many a time, you need to download online videos and games for educational purpose or offline viewing. In this post, I will share how you can download online videos in Firefox...
Facebook Mass Delete

How to mass delete all Facebook messages (Chrome Extension)

If you are one of that person who gets tons of messages on Facebook for whatsoever reason, you might already know how difficult it is to delete the messages one by...

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