How to Schedule emails in Gmail to send at later date

schedule emails gmail later

Many times we come across a scenario when for some reason or other, we compose an email. Still, somehow we don’t want them to be sent immediately, maybe like you know that it’s the birthday of your close friend and you want to email him/her to wish ‘Happy Birthday,’ but you know you won’t be able to do that as ...

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Download online videos and games using Firefox & Chrome

Download Online Videos Flash

Many a time, you need to download online videos and games for educational purpose or offline viewing. In this post, I will share how you can download online videos in Firefox and Chrome. You can also use the same technique to download flash games. However, support for flash will end soon, but as long they are available, you can download ...

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How to mass delete all Facebook messages (Chrome Extension)

Facebook Mass Delete

If you are one of that person who gets tons of messages on Facebook for whatsoever reason, you might already know how difficult it is to delete the messages one by one. Facebook as of now only allows you to remove the messages once you are inside the chat history and select Action > Delete Message. This option is not ...

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Top 8 Really Useful Chrome Extensions

There are many extensions for Chrome. They can be found in Chrome Webstore, and the respective virtual store can be accessed from the browser menu, in the upper right corner, by clicking on the three horizontal dashes, in the More tools – Extensions and Get More Extensions section, in the bottom of the new window. Extensions or add-ons are surprisingly ...

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How to backup Facebook Data or Archive Facebook Activities

How to backup Facebook Data or Archive Facebook Activities

If you ever plan to quit Facebook, and close the account, or want to download a copy of your Facebook activities, you should know that it is possible to do so. Facebook Offers inbuilt Archive feature which can backup Facebook Data in an archive file. You can download keep it for your personal usage. How to backup Facebook Data or ...

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Save and Open the tabs from last browsing session in Firefox & Chrome

Open Tabs Last Session

Both Firefox and Chrome offer option to load the tabs and windows from your last browsing session, i.e. enabling this feature allows you to open all the tabs which were open in your browser before you closed. I love this feature, but if you don’t, because, enabling it means loading all the tabs again, which people don’t prefer much. Here is a ...

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Enable Mouse Gesture navigation in Firefox

Gesture Support in Firefox

Ever thought of using the mouse gestures to control or navigate while working on your Firefox browser. If yes, here is a Firefox add-on, named as Foxy Gestures. It allows you to draw gestures using your mouse, and then perform actions like back, forward, reload, and so on. Here is how to enable mouse gesture navigation in Firefox. Note: If ...

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Firefox: Enable status bar or website loading animation

Firefox Enable status bar

I remember earlier versions of Firefox, as old as Firefox 3, used to have a website loading animation also called status bar. It was handy as you could estimate the time left or percentage left. Firefox dropped this animation starting with Firefox 4, and in the current version, you can see a dot doing ping-pong. That said, if you want ...

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How to setup Sync in Firefox

Sync Firefox between devices

Many of us switch computer either from Home to Office or When at friend’s place but every time you need to remember or at least spend a bit of time finding which url you visited when at home or the office. If that’s your scenario, Firefox allows you to setup sync. In this guide, we will explain how you can ...

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Open or Copy Multiple Links at once in Chrome and Firefox

Open Copy Multiple Links

We often come across scenarios, where we want to open multiple links at once, or maybe you want to copy the title and URL of each link in one shot. It is generally encountered while searching for something; I open typically every link in a new tab. Here is a Firefox add-on, and a Chrome Extension which can help you ...

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