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Latest Browser Updates. Tips and tricks on browsers like firefox, IE , chrome, opera and others. Extensions which can be used along with them to enhance users experience.

View Downloads Statusbar in Edge Chrome and Firefox

How to View Downloads Statusbar in Edge, Chrome and Firefox

Keeping track of multiple downloads was already a hassle. For many users, it has been amplified even further with Chrome removing the download status bar from the bottom and shifting it...
Select multiple checkboxes in Firefox Chrome

Check Uncheck Multiple checkboxes in Chrome and Edge

Filling out forms that contain numerous checkboxes can become a tedious task, particularly when you need to select several or all of them. Even though some websites offer a "select all"...
Enable Mouse Gesture navigation in Firefox Chrome and Edge

Enable Mouse Gesture navigation in Firefox, Chrome and Edge

Gestures are everywhere, from our smartphones to smartwatches and PCs, but what about our web browsers? Well, most popular browsers like Chrome or Firefox don’t have the feature of Gesture navigation...
macOS Themes for Firefox

Best MacOS Themes For Firefox, Edge and Chrome

There were various reasons for you to choose browsers like Firefox or Chrome. Moreover, with Bing AI, even a Mac owner uses Edge. But I can relate to this feeling when...
Restart Edge Chrome and Firefox in Safe Mode

How to Restart Edge, Chrome and Firefox in Safe Mode

Have you ever been in a hurry to search for something online, only to have your browser crash unexpectedly? It can be a frustrating experience to figure out what caused the...
Export Password from Edge Chrome and Firefox

How to Export Password from Edge, Chrome and Firefox

With so many websites, social media accounts, and devices, passwords are becoming more challenging. Popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox allow you to store and view your passwords...
How to backup Facebook Data or Archive Facebook Activities

How to Backup Your Facebook Data Including Messenger and Photos

Like other social media, Facebook allows us to export data and keep a copy. It is handy when you plan to deactivate your account but have heart-touching memories on FB and...
View Page Cache & Archive in Multiple Search Engines

View Page Cache and Archive in Multiple Search Engines in Chrome or Edge

Have you ever wondered how a particular web page used to look years ago, or have you ever wanted to view a no longer available website? Well, you can do so...
Enlarge Photos by Hovering Mouse Pointer on Thumbnails

How to Zoom Facebook Photos to View Full Image

We all scroll through hundreds of photographs on the web each day. These photos are always smaller to fit the web page's interface and keep the experience smooth, but what if...
What Is Opera My Flow and How To Use It

What Is Opera My Flow and How To Use It

Transferring small files, links, and documents between your PC and smartphone is tedious. Gone are the days when you had to email those images, links, files, and docs. While some people...
Blacklist or Block Websites in Chrome Firefox Edge Browsers

How to Blacklist or Block Websites in Chrome, Firefox, Edge Browsers

The internet is a necessary tool in the modern age, but it has drawbacks. Parents, organizations, and employers may feel the need to ban specific websites due to the accessibility of...
Send Links and Files between Mac and iPhone

How to Send Links and Files between Mac and iPhone?

Are you a new Mac user? Do you want to send links and files between Mac and iPhone? Although the Apple ecosystem is robust, sending files between Apple devices might not...

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